Welcome to Patrissa Richard Artistry! Please take a look around to experience my passion and inspiration...

I am available to do professional hair and makeup for:

  • Brides and Bridal Parties, including engagement photo sessions
  • Fashion
  • Runway Modeling
  • Pageants
  • Prom 
  • Television & Film 
  • Editorial Print Work
  • Photography, including pageant headshots, senior photos, family portrait sessions, and more
  • Special Events, including Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, and many more events throughout Kentucky and other states.

My Story

Patrissa Richard Artistry is a professional hair and makeup artistry business based in Louisville, Kentucky servicing beauty needs throughout the local area of Louisville, including Lexington, Kentucky, Central Kentucky, and Southern Indiana. Patrissa Richard Artistry has been part of the Louisville beauty industry since 2006 specializing in bridal, pageant, photography, and special event, on-site hair and makeup, airbrush makeup, and more.

Here’s a little bit more about Patrissa and how she got started...I was born and raised in Kentucky. I graduated from the University of Louisville in 2010 and started my career as a paralegal. As much as I love my career as a paralegal and working in the legal field, I have a greater passion and devotion to making people feel and look their best because I am also a hair and makeup artist. I have been involved in the beauty industry for over 15 years, including competing and judging in various pageant systems at the local, state, and national level as well as modeling for print work, runway, and in designer showrooms. 



All of this began at age 11 when I did my first local pageant. My mom swore I would never get on the stage at our local county fair pageant no matter how many times I assured her I would. I was the type of child that would cling to my mother's thigh when even people I knew tried to talk to me, must less strangers. After weeks of practice and a day full of hair and makeup, I felt like a princess, so I marched right up the stage and did exactly what I had practiced much to my parents disbelief. I walked away with a trophy for first runner up and that was it... I was hooked! After that moment I competed in every pageant I possibly could and begged my mom to go compete in more and more pageants. Years later after competing in hundreds of national pageants, competing at Miss Kentucky Teen USA 5 times, and Miss Kentucky USA 5 times, including a third runner up placement in 2011, I started my adult life by entering the legal field. Little did I know that all of those years of pageantry, on stage questions, and interview after interview lead me to that point as a stronger, more confident young woman. I felt empowered to take on a daunting legal job and anything else that came my way. Why? Not only because of the beautiful clothes I wore in pageants or the gorgeous hair and makeup that I sported down the runway, but because of the will power, strength, determination, and passion I developed throughout my pageant and modeling experience. The experience of competing in pageants, modeling, and working with people in the beauty industry has helped shaped me into the woman I am today. 

During my pageant career and in my later teenage years modeling, I came in contact with many amazing people who helped turn me into the person I am today. A lot of those people were the ones who beautified my hair and painted my face. I spent years studying their techniques and mimicking their work. I would ask questions and learn so much from these individuals. I would help them paint other faces and style other contestants hair while under their instruction, and little did I know that they would help me to develop a passion that would follow me for years down the road. For years I would be asked by local pageant contestants, girls heading off to prom, ladies preparing for photo shoots and getting married to style their hair and do their makeup. Of course I would take them up on it every time and grinned ear to ear throughout the entire process! For years and years in the back of my mind a little voice kept telling me over and over..."you have a special talent, put it to use..." I would ignore that voice insisting that I went to college for 4.5 years and I MUST use my paralegal degree and ONLY focus on that. However, that little voice in the back of my mind never went away. So, this year, 2017, rolls around and that little voice is still there telling me... "don't be afraid, you've got this!" That little voice along with some amazing people in my life have now convinced me to pursue my dream and my passion... So here you have Patrissa Richard Artistry! 

I am here for all of your hair artistry and makeup artistry needs. I am looking to use my current talents to make people feel their best and also push through my own boundaries to expand my talents and work with new people. My clients are my inspiration and continue to further spark my passion and help me grow not only as a hair and makeup artist, but as a person, so I look forward to working with you! Check out my portfolio... New material will be added regularly, and if you are interested in my work for a special event and/or a special project, please contact me to discuss.  

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself inside and out!" xoxo